In the early days of the internet, having an RV park website was enough to stand out against the competition.

Within a few years, most businesses realized they needed a website, and some actually got one.

The next phase was when RV Parks and Campground realized they couldn’t do business without a website, and NOW we’re realizing that simply checking a box for “We have a website” isn’t enough to convince guests to choose you over the competition.

Your RV Park website isn’t just a thing you have or don’t have. You need to discover if your website is bringing in business for you; if not, it’s time to make a change.

We’ve put together a quick checklist to help you figure out if it might be time to redesign your RV Park website.

Website design for Putters Paradise RV Park, Arizona

Ask yourself these questions to determine if an RV Park website redesign is right for you!

  • Does your current website have IMPACT? Is there a “wow” factor from the first image on the home page?
  • Does your design make people want to visit you?
  • Are you showing your park’s true appeal with actual pictures of your park, not stock photos? People want to see actual pictures of your park to help them make their decision, not stock photos of a campfire or a kid floating in a pool.
  • Is your site attractive & easy to navigate? Can users who are on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop all easily see the information they’re looking for without having to zoom in or scroll back and forth? Are all of your pages listed in the top menu so someone can find their way around?
  • Do your campground customers get a “less than top-notch” experience on your website? If a visitor gets frustrated looking for the information they need, they’ll probably just close the website and go to the next google result.
  • Is your website up-to-date? Your customers expect accurate information, not “2019 summer rates” when they pull up your rates page.
  • Is your website complete? If a feature isn’t shown, they’ll assume you don’t have it. Imagine finding out that a weekend camper chose another park becase they have a pool when YOU ALSO HAVE A POOL, but there aren’t any pictures on your website.
  • Do your pictures tell the story of your RV Park? Lots of large, beautiful images really show your park.

An RV Park website designed by professionals in Marketing, Photography, Computers, and RVing simply can’t be beat! Contact us to get started!

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