You may not be the only RV park in your area, and possibly not even the only one on your road, so when a visitor comes to your website, they are working to distinguish you from other parks in the area, and decide if you’re the park they would like to stay at.

One of the first things you’ll see when you visit a website that we’ve designed for a client is a tagline, slogan or motto that quickly tells why a park is unique. It’s also one of the first questions that we ask clients once they’ve decided to have us design their website.

Some of the poorest examples are the ideas that might initially pop to mind:

  • We offer the best customer service
  • We have the friendliest staff
  • We’ve been in business the longest
  • We’ve got the largest sites
  • We’re the only RV Park in town with full hookup
  • We have gated security

While the above examples may be true and important, they’re also not a remarkable reason why someone feels like they need to book a site at your park.

Consider the last time you tried a new restaurant because they advertised that “They have the friendliest staff in town” or “They’ve got the largest tables.” While those statements may be true, you’re probably trying a new restaurant because you heard about it from a friend who said “They’ve got the best steak sandwich” or “It was fun that the serving staff has to sing your order back to you” because it’s not about the features of the restaurant, but about the experience.

So what experience at your RV park will be worth talking about?

Ask yourself: What is unique about your park? What do your visitors often say is their favorite part of your park? What is the “wow” factor of staying with you? What is nearby? What do you offer that other parks in the area don’t offer?

Here are some ideas:

  • We’re the only park in 50 miles with no outdoor lights – perfect for star-gazing
  • We’re within walking distance of a major landmark
  • Enjoy a free round of golf for 2 with a 7-night stay
  • We’re the closest park to a major attraction / subway station / shopping mall
  • We have live music every Friday night during our season
  • Our campsites are waterfront
  • We have the largest outdoor playground and indoor pool in the area
  • We’re right at the base of the mountains

Once you’ve discovered that detail that makes your park unique, we’ll help come up with the words to make it memorable for your website visitors.

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