We are excited to introduce you to the new owners of RVParkWebsites, Paul and Heather Ryan! They are friends of John and Peter and are excited to continue the same level of service and support you have come to know over the past 16 years. John and Peter are excited to move to their next step, retirement.

What’s unique about Paul and Heather is that they have been RVers themselves for eight years (five of them full-time), and they truly understand the needs of the community. They have a deep passion for RVing and are committed to providing exceptional service to all of their customers.

Paul is a techie with over 25 years of experience in the fast-paced tech world. He is excited to bring his experience and knowledge to maintain the best, quickest, and most responsive websites for RV parks and campgrounds. 

He comes from a unique background as the founder of a campground reservation system. This means he understands the needs of not only the camper but also the campground owner. After five years as the founder and CTO, he and his partner sold the business to be able to take a much needed break from the start-up world.

Heather is a finance geek and is the owner of a tax preparation and bookkeeping business for over 9 years. She not only serves RVers and other travelers with their tax needs but also assists them in reading reports and planning for growth in their own business.

While she may be focused on finances and taxes, she understands the needs of the camper and sees the necessity for RV parks and campgrounds to have easily accessible websites. She’s been the planner of this RVing couple and does her research via Google and RVing apps to find campgrounds across North America.

If you have reached out in the past month, you may have gotten a response from Paul. He’s been jumping in and handling questions and support alongside Adam. Paul and Heather are keeping Adam as part of the team and are excited to work with him to offer the level of service you have come to expect from RVParkWebsites over the years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to support you and ensure that your experience with us is the best it can be.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,

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